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    I have been having fun with your generator. It’s great!  When I try to export to WordPress I have two problems.
    1. When I try to unzip it says its corrupted.  After a couple of exports it finally unzips.
    2. After loading it into my WordPress Themes folder, when previewed in admin the theme is blank.  I’ve tried it several times with different exported themes, same result. (I did click the "Submit Design" button.) It’s a new WordPress install 2.7, using the default theme. I do have some plug-ins. I uploaded the zip for you (this one unzips).
    Any suggestions?  Thanks!

    "Chuck" wrote:
    1. When I try to unzip it says its corrupted.  After a couple of exports it finally unzips.

    Ah, brilliant. That is a useful thing to know. People keep reporting corrupted files, but never tell me anything useful about it.

    "Chuck" wrote:
    2. After loading it into my WordPress Themes folder, when previewed in admin the theme is blank.

    I assume it worked fine anyway?

    To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why it does this. Since the themes seem to work fine anyway I haven’t gotten around to fixing this problem. It is on my todo list though.

    I’m quite busy right now, but I’ll download your theme and see if I can figure out what would be causing the zip to corrupt. I have a sneaking suspicion it may be caused by you using an image from an external site, but the connection between the site and the PixoPoint server being too slow and this is causing the corruption somehow. No one has been willing to send me their theme or XML file yet so I haven’t been able to test it until now.

    Thank you very much for your help <img decoding=” title=”Smiley” /> This is totally brilliant! I’ve been begging people to send me something like this for ages, but for whatever reason they never do.

    I’ve upgraded your account so that you now have access to the premium features such as the upload function.


    Thank you Ryan. That is very kind of you. Just more fun for me!
    I just now generated another theme and exported to WordPress.  The zip file does not open with the default windows extractor (show as corrupt), but does open in the shareware ALZip with no problem.  I’ve uploaded the corrupt zip file for you to try.
    Don’t know if the "nothing but white" themes in admin actually work on the site. I didn’t try.  Didn’t have the time if it crashed the site.  But I’ll give it a try with this one.


    I just unzipped with ALZip and activated the new theme (New Fun Test) and seems to work just fine.  It’s a very simple theme.  Hope this helps.  I really like what you have done. I’m a WYSIWYG kind of person and like trying out different combinations.


    Holy cow, you are the best bug reporter yet <img decoding=” title=”Smiley” />

    I’ve asked numerous people what they used to unzip the files and no one was able to tell me. Thank you very much again!

    What OS are you using? I know XP had issues unzipping files with certain types of compression, but it’s possible that Vista and MacOSX don’t have that problem.

    I’ve seen the ‘blank screen’ effect on activating the theme numerous times. They seem to work fine when activated though. It will be some silly little mistake I’ve made which is triggering it, I just don’t know what that silly little thing is.


    I well know the problem. I’m running Windows WP Professional service pack 3.


    Sorry, Windows "X"P Pro sp3. Not "W".


    When I try to Export WordPress to my Macintosh, it produces a 0 byte file called randy.zip.download and a file called randy.zip, but instead of automatically unzipping it, I get an error that says "Decompression failed"

    If I double-click to manually extract it, I get a new file named randy.zip.cpgz

    If I double-click on randy.zip.cpgz, I get a new file named randy 2.zip

    Then randy 2 2.zip. Then randy 2 2.zip.cpgz And round and round.

    If I export to my XP SP3 machine, I get "The Compressed (zipped)Folder is invalid or corrupted". I’m just using XP’s built-in ability to unzip files, no third party zip applications.


    No idea sorry. If you attach the zip file to your post I’ll take a look at it for you.


    I just generated a template, downloaded it and when I go to unzip the ZIP file, it creates a CPGZ file and when I go to unzip that file it just re-creates the original ZIP file with a 2 on the end of the file name.

    I’m using Mac OS X v10.5.6.  I sent it over to my wife’s Vista box and she gets a message that it’s corrupted and she did try it several times (as I did) with no luck.  The file can’t be corrupted because it unzips fine here (to the CPGZ) so the CRC check is passing for the encapsulated package at least.

    I’m out on Google now scouring the archive for free ZIP programs that support GPGZ but am not having much luck.

    What in the world possessed you to use CPGZ?  Sorry but that seems more then just a little whacky…I’s gots to know – why ya did it?

    I have attached my download and I used the Export to WordPress button to create this.


    The corrupt file message seems to creep up if you download a file where you’ve changed something in the pop-up window for download (i.e. folder name, say changing it from "Hellish Simplicity" to "hellish-simplicity" for later use in your WP theme folder without trouble caused by that space) <b>or</b> when you’ve changed from the WordPress to the bbPress export choice; both of which will guarantee a corrupt download. Interestingly, that first (corrupt) download has a slightly larger filesize.

    I’m not sure it has something to do with the decompressor used; I’ve tried 7-zip and the Windows XP built-in zip support, both give the corrupt message.

    Once you’ve dismissed that download and simply click on the Export link again it’ll download again, yielding a somewhat smaller file which should be AOK.

    Another oddity is that the login function doesn’t "stick" – i.e. it’ll intermittently show you as needing to log in and then as logged in, so you have to make triple sure you’re shown as "logged in" before you export, else you’ll get the non-premium version!

    That’s all I could find…


    Ah, brilliant! Thanks for those reports nv1962 and Tim! Those should help me pinpoint these problems nicely <img decoding=” title=”Smiley” /> Bug reports usually involve reporting the final problem with no explanation of how it was achieved – which is pretty much useless as then I can’t replicate it.

    I didn’t write the zipping program, someone else did it for me. I don’t know anything about these things and it has always unzipped fine for me using WinRAR. I’ll have a look in the source and see if I can find anything about GPGZ in there.


    I’ve figured out the ‘White’ problem. WordPress does that when there is a space in the folder name. I’ll correct for that in the next version.

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