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    I am just working on implementing this theme into a new wordpress site, and so far – LOVE the style!  I do have a couple of questions.  is my site, definitely not complete, but in progress.

    1) Is there a template for pages with no sidebars?  For my static content, on many of my pages, I need basically ONE column with no sidebars (recent posts, categories, archives, etc.) to fit some of my content, such as in my ‘search’ page  –    How would I go about creating a template for new pages with no sidebars? 

    2) I LOVE the link bar – It is so slick with the dropdown menus.  Is there a way to change the text in the link bar to capitalize some of the words?

    3)  For some reason (this is probably a really stupid question, and simple fix) when you click on my logo, it goes to an error link that is missing the / at the end of the link, such as  – this comes up with an error.

    Thanks in advance for any help/tips!



    Credits for the style of the design go to Brian Gardner. But yeah, it does look great doesn’t it! I’m using it on my local hockey clubs website and they really seem to like it …

    Sounds like you either have a problem with your .htaccess file or something is mucked up on the server to be causing problems with the missing slash in the URL. In the mean time, you could add the trailing slash in the header.php file.

    No there isn’t a template with no sidebars. I actually need that feature on though so I will be adding support for that eventually. It didn’t occur to me to add this functionality in the original design of the template generator but in retrospect this should have been available from the start as it is clearly a useful template to add.

    If you go to ‘Main menu’ or ‘Sub menu’ > ‘Text and colour settings’ > ‘Text transform’ you can control whether the text is displayed normally, lowercase or uppercase.

    Unfortunately I am totally burned out with work at the moment and things keep breaking here on so I’m not likely to be upgrading the template generator drastically within the next month. There are some upgrades in the pipeline though.


    Attached is a file called no-sidebars.php. If you add this to your themes folder it will add a new page template called ‘No sidebars’ which has (unsurprisingly) no sidebars.

    You can see it in action here:

    If you have modified some of the settings from the standard revolution generated theme, you may find you need to edit the value of 10px found in the following piece of code (in the no-sidebars.php file):
    [code:1hwqw14z] <style type="text/css">
    #contentwrapper {
    margin:0 10px 0 0;


    THANKS so much!  That is awesome, I’ll load it right now and see how it works. 

    I managed to fix the other issues I was having… But one other thing has come up – the feed and comments buttons don’t work – I get a 404 not found error.  Any suggestions here?



    I think the feed and comment button errors are probably caused by me hard coding the exact URLs in and since you are (presumably) not using permalinks the feeds aren’t working properly.

    I’ll incorporate an option in the admin panel to change the feed URLs and also set them up to work without permalinks setup.


    The nosidebars page has a slightly different graphic on top – it’s all gray without the fading.  How do I fix that?  Also – after installing the nosidebars page to my theme, I get an error when I go to the theme editor page – I get a "Not Found" error… so I’m not sure what is going on here!

    Any help much appreciated..  My site is, so you can see the problem on the top in the nosidebars page – one of the ones using that template is



    It looks like the following:
    [code:1gf9bex5]<div id="pixo_header"> [/code:1gf9bex5]

    Should be:
    [code:1gf9bex5]<div id="header"> [/code:1gf9bex5]

    I’ve attached a new file which should hopefully work.


    Works great now!  Thanks! 


    Glad to hear it worked <img decoding=” title=”Smiley” />

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