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    Hey there;

    Firstly thanks for making this plugin, it is very good for me.

    My question is that I want previous and next links to be visible all the time, not just I hover them. How can I do that?

    Thanks in advance


    Hey, sorry I haven’t gotten back to you on this, for some reason I thought I had.
    There are a few ways to do this, but I’d say the easiest would be to open the slimbox2_autoload.js and replace:
    [code:2fljbxf6]function slimbox_CSS(){jQuery(function(a){a("#lbOverlay").css("background-color",slimbox2_options.overlayColor);a("#lbPrevLink").hover(function(){a(this).css("background-image","url("+slimbox2_options.prev+")")},function(){a(this).css("background-image","")});a("#lbNextLink").hover(function(){a(this).css("background-image","url("")")},function(){a(this).css("background-image","")});a("#lbCloseLink").css("background-image","url("+slimbox2_options.close+")")})}[/code:2fljbxf6]
    [code:2fljbxf6]function slimbox_CSS(){jQuery(function(a){a("#lbOverlay").css("background-color",slimbox2_options.overlayColor);a("#lbPrevLink").css("background-image","url("+slimbox2_options.prev+")");a("#lbNextLink").css("background-image","url("")");a("#lbCloseLink").css("background-image","url("+slimbox2_options.close+")")})}[/code:2fljbxf6]

    Assuming I didn’t make a typo that should do the trick.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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